It is time for us, the under-represented public, to speak our minds, loud and strong on behalf of the grizzly speechless. Only by triggering the power of numbers will we succeed. NOW, is the time to Take Action!

Write or Call

The Governor of Wyoming, the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission and the Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Urge Him

to immediately restore Endangered Species Act protections to Yellowstone grizzlies and stop the bear hunt in Wyoming and Idaho.

August Events

Missoula, MT: On 8/30, attend a hearing on the Final Arguments in the Lawsuits opposing de-listing of the Grizzly Bear from ESA protection.

Some Tips

It is most effective to be persuasive, but not rude, sarcastic or angry. Original words directly from your own heart and mind are more likely to be given consideration than words and phrases that sound scripted.

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How Much of the Grizzly Population Have We Lost

1970 distibution grizzlies plus extirpations

Yellowstone’s population of roughly 700 grizzly bears is completely isolated from all other grizzly bear populations and much smaller than the 2000+ animals widely considered necessary for long-term viability. Moreover, the Yellowstone population is, along with grizzlies to the north, a mere 3% of the roughly 100,000 grizzly bears that once roamed the Contiguous U.S. in a range that was formerly 100 times larger (see map). The Yellowstone population continues to be jeopardized by increasing regional human populations, energy development, problematic livestock husbandry practices, habitat degradation caused by climate warming, hostile state management, and unreliable methods for monitoring status and trends.