• July 2 – July 16 (midnight). Application available online.
  • Any public land user – consumptive or non-consumptive – can apply for the draw via the online application.
  • Apply for $5 (resident) or $15 (non-resident), to be paid online.
  • No requirements during this first step.
  • 75% of tags are set up for residents.
  • DMA hunt area is preferred – “Grizzly issuance list” hunt areas 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.
  • At least 75% of the available licenses will be issued to residents prior to issuing a nonresident license.
  • You are now a registered Wyoming hunter with a Sportsman ID and a camera.
  • Born before Jan 1, 1966, state statute does NOT require a hunter education and fire-arm safety class
  • Otherwise: the hunter education course (4 evenings – total 12 hours) in Jackson area is sold out during the time frame of hunt sign up requirements. Hunter safety courses and Internet Field Day availability is listed online.
  • The online course is available. The 4 hour “Internet Field Day” required to complete the certification is not available in all areas of the state, requiring hours of travel. However, WGFD is exploring a Field Day in the near future in the Teton County area. Read list of Internet Field Day course dates here.
  • If selected, you will be notified after July 16 (TBA). The ranked tag winners will have 10 days to show hunter education certification if required (or not) and pay the $600, or $6,000.
    Before the hunt, the tag owner will also be required to check in with WGFD, but details have not been given. Possibly to review grizzly behavior and sign off that you have reviewed.
  • Prior to the hunt: If someone acquires a license in any hunt area they will be required to take the orientation and informational course prior to entering the field.  The course be provided in person and in an interactive online format in order to reach all those that potentially will be hunting grizzly bears. The details of these mandatory training sessions will be finalized in August at the latest.
  • Tag owner must respond directly to WGFD contact attempt
  • Applicants will be notified by mail.
  • Applicants will be notified by phone, text (spaced a minimum of 1/2 hour intervals) or email of their random number. WGFD will leave a message.
  • Phone call made by WGFD evening hours, 4-10 p.m.MST
  • Minimum of (3) attempts will be made in 2 consecutive evenings.
  • Applicant must speak directly to WGFD no later then 5 p.m MST the day after last attempt to contact applicant has been made.
  • Hunt area 7 opens Sept 1-Nov 15. 12 tags. 12 hunters can be in the field at any one time. 9 for residents, 3 for non-residents
  • DMA Hunt area 1-6. Sept 15-Nov 15. Minimum of 6 tags, up to 10 tags. Hunt ends when first female is killed. It is almost impossible to distinguish a female from a male grizzly at a distance. Thus the end of the hunt when the first female is killed.
  • Each hunter will carry a GPS device issued by WGFD.

If you are choosen for a grizzly hunt tag, it is YOUR responsibility to know what is required, and how to be safe! If you get out in the field to “hunt with-a-camera”:

  1. Take a CAMERA along with all other necessary equipment.
  2. Invite a journalist, friends, and anyone who would like to join you.
  3. Invite a filmmaker. Renown filmmaker Shane Moore has volunteered his availability September 15 – October 7.
  4. Know how to be safe!
  5. Consider hiring a guide/outfitter. Feed the economy!

Read Section 3 for the current regulation:

Grizzly Bear License Issuance Lists and Grizzly Bear Limited Quota License Drawing (PDF)

Hunter Education options


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