Shoot 'em, With a Camera, Not a Gun

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The Grizzly Bear has been delisted from the Endangered Species Act. The state of Wyoming has approved the quota of 22 Grizzlies to be trophy hunted from Sept 1 – Nov 15.

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We are so excited about the momentum of Shoot ‘Em With A Camera, we have decided to increase outreach to raise more awareness, action, and funding by creating and activating outdoor and social media campaigns. We thank you for your support on behalf of the grizzly bear and all Wildlife. So please donate now and share away.

Several weeks ago, an idea was formed in Jackson, Wyoming – to become an official non-trophy hunt constituent within our Wyoming wildlife management of the iconic Grizzly. It’s an idea whose time has come. On July 8, a group of individuals met to brainstorm our groundbreaking mission’s social media. Our grassroots Shoot’em With a Camera idea was the resulting campaign, to get out in the field and hunt with a camera.